NIC support mandatory food waste collections by 2025.

The REA is delighted to see that the NIC is supportive of separate food waste collections for both households and business by 2025 in conjunction with more aggressive targets for recycling with a suggested 65% recycling target for municipal waste and a 75% recycling target for plastic packaging by 2030. The Commission also recommends that Government set individual targets for local authorities and that they provide transitional financial support.

It also states "It is cheaper to collect food waste separately and process it in anaerobic digesters, rather than send it to energy from waste plants (incinerators). Seventy-nine per cent of people who do not currently use a food waste bin would be prepared to use one if it were provided by their local council". It goes on to say that universal food waste collections would avoid the need to build between 1 and 3 EfW plants between now and 2050 and save up to £400m in capital costs for local authorities.

The assessment sets the challenge by stating "England needs to do as well as Wales, a world leader at recycling". Wales achieved this through its ‘towards zero waste’ strategy. The strategy established ambitious recycling targets for local authorities, mandated the separate collection of food waste and provided a blueprint for standardised collection of other materials.

The assessment goes on to say that the public often finds recycling too hard to fathom and complicated but that 50% of people would be prepared to pay an additional £30/year for more recyclable packaging.

In respect to planning for future decisions, it states that 'Separation of food waste is good value for money today, but also maximises the availability of biogas'.

The full NIC assessment can be seen HERE

Posted 10/07/18
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Jul 22
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