EA engagement with industry

On 5th June ORG's Jeremy Jacobs attended an Environment Agency Regulated Business Forum meeting,  which was an opportunity for industry to provide feedback to the EA on their recent Strategic Review of Charges (SRoC) consultation and hear this regulator's thoughts on their future regulation strategy (see PDFs of slides presented by NParr & NDavies).  

Feedback on the SRoC showed much unhappiness regarding the speed of change and lack of detail provided by the EA.  They accepted the speed of change was faster than ideal and said it was driven by government cutting the EA's Grant in Aid support, which meant they needed to plug the gap quickly.

The EA gave insight into their thoughts on post Brexit regulation (see PDF of slides presented by DBliss).  They asked stakeholders what they expected and needed from the EA on day 1 of the UK being outside the EU and into the days beyond.  

Compliance Assessment Reports & training

There were indications the EA has listened to industry's concerns about EA officer scoring of site performance. All regulatory staff have recently completed refresher training on scoring and recording of compliance at permitted sites.  

At the meeting Jeremy proposed that operators and other interested parties be given the opportunity to participate in training on what EA officers look for and how they work out CAR scores.  The training could potentially be an hour long WebEx session including time for questions and answers.  If you are interested, please contact the EA via

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