Bioaerosol monitoring update from the EA
There has been some debate recently from EA officers and site operators regarding the use of the old AfOR protocol for monitoring bioaerosols.The EA has recently released a position statement which says that they will accept monitoring until 2019 if the site permit refers to the old standard.

The EA has informed us, that there has been some debate about selecting monitoring points at some sites. Especially pertaining to wind direction. It is not always possible to get the wind to be in the direction towards the Sensitive Receptor. That is why the protocol  states that the downwind sample needs to be representative of the Sensitive Receptor distance from the bioaerosol source.  The contractors cannot always arrange to travel on the day when the weather is prudent. It is unreasonable to expect this and can cause a delay in sampling. The contractor will ensure that the samples are as representative as they can get them and will or should justify this in their report to the operator.

If you require any further clarification, please contact Jeremy

posted 24/04/18

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May 26
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