EA plan to open definition of waste service in June 2018

The Environment Agency plans to open its Definition of Waste Service from June 2018. This replaces the previous End of Waste panel.  In England, if you produce a product from waste you will be able to ask for the EA's opinion on the waste status of your material. This website details how you can turn your waste into a non-waste material or product. 

Before the service is available you can do a self assessment. You can do both of the following:

There is no charge to do a self assessment. The IsItWaste tool and the checklist set out the minimum information you will need to begin a definition of waste assessment.

Once the service is available you will need to:

  • provide all the required information
  • pay an interim charge of £750
  • submit your proposal

The EA will then:

  • check you have provided the right information and in the correct format
  • provide a cost estimate to do the full assessment – this will be based on £125 per hour plus VAT

Once you have signed the charging agreement the EA will do the assessment and give you their opinion on the waste status of your material. They may need to ask for more information to complete the assessment.

If you are operating in other parts of the UK, contact your environmental regulator to find out what services they provide.

If your material is no longer waste, you will also need to comply with all relevant product legislation, for example the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals (REACH) regulations or groundwater authorisations.

Published: 18/04/18

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