A few thoughts from our Chair, Charlie Trousdell on quality

Following on from another informative and successful organics conference, quality is still a big issue for the sector. Our sector has a fantastic opportunity to seize on the anti-plastic momentum that is discussed on an almost daily basis in the mainstream media in between Russian spies and Donald Trump’s latest tweet!

Fortunately, on the whole the quality of outputs are still good from our members but we are starting to see more examples of poor quality non-PAS compost and digestate spread to land under deployments with visible plastic. There is a real chance that this type of poor quality compost/digestate will have no outlet other than landfill at a price someway north of £100 per tonne and could undermine the market and reputation of good quality products.

As an industry we really have to start saying no to plastic contamination within input material or fully embrace certified compostable packaging. We need to be consistent and reject bad loads or charge a lot more to clean up poor quality inputs, it can be done and public opinion is on our side. ORG have previously put together a package to assist members with information on how to visually inspect input materials, template input specifications and recommendations of actions to take (we are planning to review this so please let Jenny know any feedback you have).

I appreciate for the wet AD industry this is more difficult hence the huge investment in front-end clean up technology but even so a perfect organics world would have no plastic present within input material.

We need to all remember our end markets are soils which desperately need organic matter not plastic.

Hopefully weather will pick up soon and green waste inputs will pick up with lots of folk spending time in their gardens; Happy Easter!

Charlie Trousdell.

Published: 28/03/18

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