REA responds to call for evidence on using the tax system or charges to address single-use plastic waste

In March the Chancellor called on all areas of society, from industry and green groups, to local government and the public to provide evidence relevant to exploring how changes to the tax system or charges could be used to reduce the amount of single-use plastics we waste by reducing unnecessary production, increasing reuse, and improving recycling. The government is also exploring how we can also drive innovation in this area to achieve the same outcomes.

The government will consider all options for using the tax system to address single-use plastic waste and to drive innovation, and will use the evidence gathered from this call to inform that process. The government wants to look broadly across the whole supply chain, from production and retail to consumption and disposal, in order to gain the best possible understanding of the whole landscape before deciding on the best course of action.

Being a call for evidence, the government's document does not contain specific policy proposals but the Chancellor has been clear this evidence gathering exercise will lead to action.  An important aspect of tackling single-use plastic waste is innovation in more sustainable products and processes so in March the Chancellor also announced a new allocation of £20m of funding to businesses and universities to stimulate new thinking and rapid solutions in this area.
Click HERE to read more and see the link to the downloadable call for evidence document. The government has stated that any information it collects will be useful in improving its data so invited any evidence that stakeholders deem relevant.

The period for evidence submission has ended.  Click HERE for the REA's response.  

Any REA member who wishes to discuss any of the issues with us should contact Emily Nichols (, 07771 556231).

Webpage published 27/03/2018 and last updated 31/05/2018

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