Bioaerosol monitoring at regulated facilities using M9: RPS 209

The EA have published a Regulatory Position Statement regarding Bioaerosol monitoring. Full details hereIt says if your facility is within 250 metres of a sensitive receptor (a place where people live or work for more than 6 hours at a time), you must:

Existing permit holders have until 31 March 2019 to meet these requirements. The Environment Agency will assess and vary permits based on the level of risk and your site’s compliance history.

Permits issued after 1 April 2017 must meet these requirements from the date on the permit.

The Environment Agency may reduce the amount of monitoring you need to do if:

  • your activities are in the open and the operational area (source of release) is more than 250 metres from the nearest sensitive receptor
  • your risk assessment shows there are no impacts on sensitive receptors
  • your risk assessment shows there are no impacts to the surrounding or operational area from a biofilter or stack

You may need to prove these measures are effective by submitting monitoring data to the Environment Agency. They will then discuss further monitoring frequency with you. You may need to amend your environmental management system.

You must submit results for:

  • total bacteria
  • Aspergillus fumigatus

You do not need to submit results for:

  • gram negative organisms
  • E Coli
  • Actinomycetes
M9 is a  technical note for regulators,  process operators and those with interests in monitoring and was released in January 2017. The full document can be viewed in full HERE.  It is one of a series produced to provide a standardised approach for monitoring bioaerosols. It is applicable to facilities that have both ambient and point source emissions.

Published: 26/03/18

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