Progress with PAS100 revision

Following the public consultation at the end of 2017, the revision of PAS100 is progressing. There have been three meetings of the Review Panel to discuss some of the more significant proposed changes. The Review Panel is comprised of a variety of representatives from different organisations, with Jeremy Jacobs representing the Organics Recycling Group. 

It is important to remember that with the many different stakeholders involved, PAS100 will be a compromise. Whilst compost operators may want certain changes, we need to ensure that the end users and the regulators are also content. The End of Waste position for composts meeting PAS100 (and the Compost Quality Protocol where appropriate) is very important to maintain for the composting industry. 

The next stage in the process is for the Steering Group to meet to discuss any outstanding issues and to come to general consensus over the proposed changes. This page gives more information about the whole revision process. 

ORG have collated the comments received from members, this includes comments received during the consultation and also results from a survey that we carried out as part of the members' webinar that we hosted to discuss the proposed changes. This is the document we have been using to define the ORG position during the Review Panel and will use in future for the Steering Group discussions.

A copy of the ORG response to the consultation can be found here.

If you would like any further information or to discuss any of the above, please contact Jeremy.  

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