EA publish guidance on soil screening for assessing ecological risk.

The Environment Agency has produced guidelines for screening the risks to soils from chemicals released through the landspreading of waste-derived materials.

The project reviewed the available evidence on the direct terrestrial ecotoxicity and potential for secondary poisoning of 38 chemical substances and mixtures, including 23 trace elements and 15 persistent organic pollutants. Although there were insufficient data to derive an assessment criterion in all cases, soil screening values are recommended in the report for 9 trace elements and 8 organic pollutants. A spreadsheet tool allows the screening values to be adjusted for site-specific soil properties.

The EA state that the soil screening values developed through this project will help them to better review the technical suitability of landspreading proposals submitted by an operator for a wider range of chemicals.

Full details here.

Published: 30/11/17

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