Tell us what changes you would like to see in PAS100 

You may have seen the recent news from the REAL's Compost Certification Scheme (CCS) that PAS100 is going to be revised. ORG want to gather views from our members (you!) so that we can collate these and be prepared to input your suggestions into the revision process as part of a trade association response. REAL are planning to consult with various stakeholders as part of the process. You can see an overview of the process here. 

At this stage we are looking for any feedback you may have on elements of PAS100 that you feel need to be changed. This could be a limit in table 3, (the parameters for compost quality) or any other aspect of the standard that you have a view on. Any evidence you have for your suggestions is much appreciated and will make it easier for us to justify the call for change as it will be necessary to justify changes made to the Steering Group which will include the regulators among others.

Examples of issues previously mentioned by members includes: the limit for stones needs to be changed; the stability limits should reflect the end market; the need for plant response test for all markets; the limit for E.coli. These are just examples and your comments do not need to be limited to these!

It is very important that PAS100 reflects the needs of today's marketplace in which you operate so please consider the breadth of markets that this specification is used in.
Please could you forward your comments to Jeremy by 17th July or contact Jeremy or Jenny directly to discuss further. 

Compost producers who are certified to PAS100 under the CCS also have an opportunity to provide input via the producers forum. We realise that some of our members will be doing this, but also invite you to also comment to us directly, for inclusion in the ORG response.

Published: 27/06/17

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