ORG host successful seminar on Controlling and Monitoring Emissions

The Air Quality and Emissions event held at the International Conference Centre, Telford on 24-25th May, provided the Organics Recycling Group of the REA an ideal opportunity to hold a seminar titled: Controlling and Monitoring Emissions on waste management sites. This great venue also hosted a wide array of exhibitors from the world of monitoring and process control within the air emissions arena.

It was good to see over 60 attendees at the ORG seminar which provided some lively debate on a wide range of topics. Rupert Standring from the Environment Agency was available to provide a concise summary of the recently released M9 Technical Guidance note for the environmental monitoring of bioaerosols at regulated facilities. Rupert was keen to make the point that this is a live document which can be revised at any time in the future to accommodate industry’s needs. If as an operator or consultant using the guidance, you feel it requires changes or modifications, please let ORG know so we can work with the EA to make these happen.

We also heard form Catherine Rolph at the Open University who provided helpful and practical guidance on worker protection and risk assessments for those working in close proximity to bioaerosol emissions. This is an area as a sector we ned to continue to pay particular attention to, to ensure that  staff and those most exposed are sufficiently protected.

A presentation from Paul Ottley from Odournet then provided a deep insight into the world of Biofilters, their management and how to ensure that you are using the most appropriate media for your site. It is very important that moisture, temperature and Ph are well managed, as too often biofilters after installation are ignored and left to their own devices!

The last two presentations were case studies specifically looking at how odour on composting sites was mitigated and the long and painful journey of overcoming a number of barriers to make the sites compliant. Justin Dampney from Eco Sustainable Solutions who operates four sites with multiple resource streams including green waste, overcame his odour issues by changing his operation from a block composting system to a windrow system using a self-propelled turner. Albeit an expensive solution at the time, it enabled to site to stay complaint and the number of complaints stopped completely!

Jennifer Watts from Watts Legal was able to provide very helpful advice based on her case study on the steps to take in order to stay on the right side of the law and stay in favour with local residents. These cases can often be complex and involve a number of parties, so good legal counsel from an early stage is essential as well as having an open door policy to the regulator and your neighbours.

In summary a great morning with plenty to discuss. The ORG has kindly been invited to participate again in 2018,  so if you missed it this time please attend next year, it is free for members!

Published: 30/05/17

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