EA publish Sector Strategies

The EA have published sector strategies which are high level documents containing the strategic objectives of each sector for the next 4 years and supporting data. There are 13 strategies and each one of them is composed of two pages. The first page (format of a thumbprint) , gives a snapshot of the sector using data and is divided into three sections: a sector overview, performance and annual emissions. On the second page there is a list of the EA's top environmental objectives for the sector, how they are linked to their corporate objectives and the interventions that have been identified for the next 4 years (2016-2020). 

This is the first time we have published sector information in this way. The data covers the previous year so in this case 2015. The objectives are from 2016 to 2020. 

Which sectors do they cover? 

They cover the waste sectors (including waste installations); landfill, biowaste, hazardous waste, metal recycling, non-hazardous and inert waste. 

And the installation sectors; combustion (power), combustion (energy from waste), onshore oil and gas and refineries, food and drink, paper, pulp and textiles, cement, lime and minerals, metals and chemicals. 

You can download them here. The 13 strategies plus a short briefing are available for download in a zip file. There is also a link to where the supporting detailed data is held. 


The Biowaste Sector Strategy is available here.

For Biowaste there are 704 regulated sites, with 3,600 employees, with a market value of £720million p.a. 

91% of sites have a compliant rating of A or B with 20 persistently poor performing sites.

Published: 29/3/17

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