Consultation on draft ORG ‘feedstock quality package’ to strive for the quality of biowaste delivered to composting
You may recall that last July we sought your feedback on the maximum acceptance levels that should be included in the biowaste specifications. We sent you a draft position statement stating what these levels should be in source-segregated garden wastes and co-mingled food and garden wastes to assist composters to achieve PAS 100
See below final copies of:

1. The afore mentioned draft position statement. This outlines a range of measures that we strongly recommend compost producers and their waste suppliers take to minimise problems arising from physical contaminants in feedstocks for composting. As soon as this is finalised we will share it with NAWDO and LARAC. We would also encourage you to supply it to your LA directly.

2. A visual assessment guidance that should help your site operatives to carry out visual assessments of loads of input materials delivered to the composting site and identify whether a load requires rejection or cleaning up before is shredded and composted, particularly with regard to light plastics. The limit levels in the guidance are consistent with those in the position statement.

3. An updated input specification template for garden wastes and co-mingled garden and food wastes which we encourage you to use in your contracts with Local Authorities. In some cases it may not be possible to use our template, however a similar one that includes the same elements should be used. 

Last update: 15/10/2014
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