Reminder about  submitting to the EA a duly-made application for installations


If your site falls under the scope of the Industrial Emissions Directive, it is now the time to submit your duly-made application! [in case you have not done so already] 

If your site has a capacity of > 75 tonnes/day (or 100 tonnes/day if AD is the only activity), your site is an installation under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) and, therefore, you will need to submit a duly-made application to the EA by 30 September 2014 (in order to have a permit in place by 7th July 2015).    

This LEAFLET provides an example on how to calculate the daily capacity for a different types of installations. 

If your site permit was issued after April 2007, then you will only need to apply for an administrative variation (free of charge, because no technical assessment is required; only a paperwork exercise). 

If your site permit was issued before April 2007, then you will need to apply for a normal variation, which will not be free of charge as it will require the Agency’s technical assessment. 

The variation will allow the requirements of the IED to be implemented and incorporated into permits. Treatment standards will not change for the time being (the EA will review them at a later stage). 

This CHECK-LIST clarifies what information needs to be included in your application. 

Last update: 02/09/2014
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