Supervisor and team leader competence in roadside waste and recycling collection activities.
Despite some improvement over the last five years, the health and safety performance of the waste and recycling industry remains poor in comparison to other industries. Collection activities represent one of the most hazardous activities associated with the industry, with approximately 80% of accidents occurring during collection of household and trade waste. 
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has commissioned the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) to work in partnership with the waste and recycling industry to:
• identify what competencies supervisors and team leaders need to manage health and safety effectively. In other words, what knowledge, skills attitudes and behaviours does a supervisor or team leader who manages health and safety effectively possess?
• identify whether the training given to supervisors and team leaders provides an adequate basis for these competencies or whether there are further training needs.
THe HSL need your help to complete this research!
Click HERE to access the HSE documents and participate.
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Jul 16
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